Our Founder

OurFounderOur Founder Caleb Solomon Williams was born July 22, 2005. Caleb departed this life on June 16, 2013. While Caleb’s life would seem too short to many, those who were touched by him understood that the quality of existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives. His gentle smile could melt the hearts of those around him and his fun-loving spirit would excite those he came in contact with. A typical little boy in that he loved cars, the Avengers, dancing to The Michael Jackson Experience and playing on his DS game system. Yet, there was something special about this young man. Caleb was always helpful, polite, and humble and grew in the admonition of the Lord at The Hope Church of Orlando where he was active in the Children’s Ministry. Caleb was a student at Alpha Learning Academy where he enjoyed playing with friends and being challenged by his coursework. While battling the illness that attacked his body, Caleb continued to achieve scholastic honors and remained on the Principal’s Honor Roll list. For his commitment to continue to pursue academic excellence in 2011 he was awarded the esteemed distinction of Student of the Year from Alpha Learning Academy. Caleb was 5 years old when he was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Later that year the cancer went into remission as a result of the excellent care and treatment he received from the medical team at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women & Children. When the cancer returned in 2011, the medical team continued their dedication to aggressively treating the cancer. While prayers of those who loved and supported Caleb gave him the strength to continue to fight. Caleb could be heard singing praises with those who would visit and encourage him through song; or listening intently as healing scriptures were spoken over him.

Parents (Adults) often set out to teach children all about life; interestingly enough children tend to teach parents (adults) what life is all about. Although we will miss him every day, he will remain in our hearts forever. With his courage he led us to believe that each day is a blessing and an opportunity to create lasting memories. Through sharing his journey we all were able to create those memories and as witnesses to his tremendous strength of character, Caleb in his own way has charged each of us to preserve and trust in the Lord with all thy mind, heart and soul.